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Eurocall 2009 Conference

9-12 September, 2009 | Gandia (Valencia, Spain)


Gandia is part of the Province of Valencia, approximately 70 km south of Valencia. It has a population of about 70.000 inhabitants.

Enveloped in a mountainous belt with the Mediterranean at its feet, Gandia transports travellers to past epochs with its majestic architectural setting. The traces of distant cultures have left a rich cultural and historical inheritance that is perceived throughout the population, testimony of this meant that the town was named as a ‚Äúcourt villa‚ÄĚ a title awarded during the XV century thanks to Juan de Borja, the second Duke of Gandia. The city maintains, besides a wide cultural offering, a formidable coastal tourist industry with spacious beaches composed of fine sand as its main attraction. Beaches that, during the summer months, enjoy a typically Mediterranean climate, with agreeable temperatures that provide the best conditions in which to enjoy all the resources of the locality.

> There is abundant information about Gandia in Spanish and Valencian on the Gandia Town Hall website:

> Tourist information in Spanish, Valencian, English and French can be found at:

> You will also find a lot of information at the Valencian Regional Government's tourist information website (Conselleria de Turisme):

> Information about the area of La Safor where Gandia is located can be found at:

> The following is a very interesting website with a wealth of historical, cultural, culinary... information about Gandia that has been developed by two undergraduate UPV students. It is, however, only available in Spanish.