Schedule: 2009-09-12 (15:00 - 15:45)
Parallel Session 6 (Room A-25)
Title: Tools for producing CLIL (content and language integrated learning) materials
Authors: Kent Andersen
Abstract: The presenter will demonstrate two software tools that are being developed by the POOLS-T project teams. The tools can automatically convert any text into a language teaching material suitable for CLIL (content and language integrated learning).

The tools / applications (a desk top version and an online web version) will convert texts and web pages to html pages where all words are hyperlinked to free online dictionaries covering many combinations of European languages. The desk top application will have support for audio, video and graphics to enrich / support the text content.

The applications produce standardized html scripts that do not require any plug-ins or software installations for the end users. The application will be CopyLeft with documented and commented open source which enables portability to other operating systems, further development, and ensures sustainability. The need for a free tool is based on EURYDICE 2006 “Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at School in Europe”.

The applications will have interfaces, guides for CLIL usage, and online DIY videos in DK, GR, NL, and EN.

The POOLS-T project main objective is to develop software tools that can support teachers and their students working with CLIL (content and language integrated learning) including the LWUTL (less widely used and taught languages).

CLIL and LWUTL teachers depend on developing own resources (EURYDICE 2005 report “Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe”). The proposed application will automate part of this process and will also enable students to convert authentic technical materials into language learning / supporting units.

The need is also documented in the ICC report (2003) “The Impact of New Information Technologies and Internet on the Teaching of Foreign Languages..” concludes: “There will be a shift from passive consumption of ready-made programmes to independent building of content, tailor made for specifics groups or individuals”

The project website builds on an existing website with 40.000+ documented individual visitors per year:

The presenter will hand out the free POOLS-T software and DVDs with “do it yourself instructions” for developing online language teaching materials.
Keywords: Automatic tools for producing CLIL materials
Main topic: CALL supported Content Integrated Language Learning (CLIL)
Biodata: Kent Andersen who is a senior lecturer has worked with CALL for more than two decades. He has produced a plentitude of multimedia materials, authoring systems, and CALL software. He is now the pools-t coordinator. His products are copyleft and most of them can be downloaded from
Type of presentation Paper presentation
Paper category Research & Development
Target educational sector Vocational education
Language of delivery English
EU-funded project Yes