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EUROCALL: Informe anual 2009-2010

EUROCALL: Informe anual 2009-2010 (inglés) | Acta de la Asamblea General de Socios, Burdeos (Francia) 11/09/2010 (inglés)

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of EUROCALL

held on Friday 11 September 2010
Bordeaux, France



Tita Beaven, Jean-Luc Bergey, Françoise Blin, Alex Boulton, Rhonwen Bowen, Marina Canapero, Katia Carraro, Thierry Chanier, Suzanne Cloke, Graham Davies, Françoise Demaizière, Kathryn English, Jeanine Gerbault, John Gillespie (Acting Secretary), Ana Gimeno-Sanz (President), Nicolas Guichon, Morio Hamada, Mirjam Hauck, Sake Jager, Kurt Kohn, Inge-Anna Koleff, Anya Lansangan, Dominique Macaire, Gary Motteram, Daniela Munca, Helen Myers, Antje Neuhoff, Van Toan Nguyen, Hiroyuki Obari, Stephanie O'Riordan, Elena Osinsky, Luisa Panichi, Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous, Françoise Raby, Céline Restrepo Zea, Bernd Rueschoff, Oranna Speicher, Anthony Stenton, Kirsi Syynimaa, Peppi Taalas, June Thompson, Cornelia Tschchold, Sylvi Vigmo, Dominique Vinet, Claudia Warth, Johannes Widmann, Scott Windeat


1. Minutes

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Gandia on 11th September 2009 were approved and signed as a true record, nem con.


2. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.


3. President's Report

Dr Ana Gimeno-Sanz presented her report, which included the following items:

EUROCALL Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets twice a year at the conference venue. This year's meetings took place in Bordeaux on 6th March and 7 th September. She paid tribute to the work of those committee members who were standing down: Angela Chambers as Treasurer, for personal reasons and Margaret Gammell as Secretary General who is moving to a job in full-time teaching. She thanked them most warmly for their many years of dedication to the work of EUROCALL.

Headquarters: She also reported that the Executive had agreed to propose that EUROCALL Headquarters be transferred from the University of Limerick to the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University of Ulster (Coleraine, Northern Ireland), subject to ratification at this AGM (see item 6 on the agenda). Professor John Gillespie had been appointed Treasurer of EUROCALL. Karin Duffner had been temporarily appointed Secretary, but had now left to take up a teaching position. A replacement was being sought and would be reported to the next AGM.

Membership: Currently there were around 260 members , with two thirds from Europe and one third from the rest of the world. EUROCALL-CALICO joint-membership had proved a positive development. She encouraged colleagues to consider corporate membership and to take out library subscriptions of ReCALL at their Universities. The increase in the membership fee in 2010 was noted: for Individuals it was 90 € , Corporate members 225 € and student members 55 €.

EUROCALL Publications
(i) ReCALL Journal : Co-edited by Françoise Blin and June Thompson. Now published in 3 issues per year (January / May / September), strenuous efforts are being made to increase listings in specialised research indices. From Oct. 2009 ReCALL has been included in the Thompson ISI Web of Knowledge (Social Sciences Citation Index / Arts & Humanities Citation Index). Other indices which are targeted include:

Online access to past issues of ReCALL is now available through CUP Journals.

(ii) The EUROCALL Review : Published twice yearly in March & September it has an 8-member Scientific Committee and is pleased to publish peer-reviewed articles and conference papers. Again efforts are being made to increase listings in specialised journal indices. Regular sections include:

Research Policy Statement : the EUROCALL Research Policy Statement , having been agreed by the Executive Committee after consultation with the membership, was published in June 2010 (see research/research_policy.html ). The President paid special thanks to John Gillespie for his work in drawing up the statement. The former version, dating from 1999, is archived at:

Research Award

Award winners are listed on the website. The Award enables the winner to publish his/her article in ReCALL , gives them free registration to attend a EUROCALL conference and one year's free EUROCALL membership. The submission deadline is 31st January each year, and notes for contributors are available on the EUROCALL website. She was pleased to announce that the winner of the award for 2010 was Chao-Jung Ko of the University of Edinburgh for A case study of L2 learners' social presence in synchronous CMC'.

Jànos Kohn Scholarship 2010

This annual scholarship assists a scholar from a Central European member state to participate in a EUROCALL conference. This year's winner is Daniela Munca, who is studying for a PhD in English/American Language and Literature and teaches Business English at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

EURODIS project

This project is an EU-funded accompanying measure aiming to provide a means of giving prominence to the projects that have recently been funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme managed by the European Commission's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and presented at EUROCALL conferences. For the 2010 conference 36 of the presentations delivered are directly related to an EU-funded project. The aim of this accompanying measure is to explore and find ways of further disseminating these projects and their outcomes. Presentations are duly acknowledged in the conference programme. Leaflets will be published with relevant information about the projects and their products (project acronym, contact information, brief description, target audience, etc.)

The presenters of these sessions will be invited to participate in a CALL research and development network devoted to sharing experience, promoting examples of good practice and advice on particularly important issues such as dissemination opportunities and evaluation models. Selected projects will also be invited to publish an article in The EUROCALL Review . A database to include EU-funded projects presented at EUROCALL conferences will be developed and a searchable website to disseminate EU-funded projects presented at EUROCALL conferences will be set up (see


The President thanked the Webmaster (Fred Riley, Nottingham University - UK) most warmly for all his work on the web-site. The site provides Newsfeeds, and in the restricted members-only area, archived videos and podcasts from the conference Virtual Strand, a Conference photo gallery, and regularly updated information, including a CALL bibliography (maintained by Angela Chambers & Robert O'Dowd), an Events calendar, and a list of Postgraduate CALL courses.

Social networks

Dr Gimeno reported on our presence in social networks. We have the following accounts:

EUROCALL Special Interest Groups

The special interest groups currently operating within EUROCALL are:

Any existing member of EUROCALL can join these groups free of charge. Meetings have been/will be held in Bordeaux. AG encouraged members to join these SIGs and to set up new ones.

There was a Teacher Education SIG workshop from 26th-28th May 2010 at the Institut National de Recherche Pédagogique in Lyon, France, co-ordinated by Mirjam Hauck, The Open University (UK) & Nicolas Guichon, Université de Lyon 2. See . Slides are available from: .


Nings have been set up for the following SIGs:

Forthcoming Conferences

The President reported that next year's conference would take place at the University of Nottingham, UK, from 31st August to 3rd September and would be led by Oranna Speicher, who would be giving a short presentation at the closing ceremony. She called for bids for the 2012 conference. Bids would be open until 31st October 2010. She also encouraged bids for the following two years.

Links with Other Associations

The President outlined our links with CALICO (North America). Joint-membership entitles EUROCALL/CALICO members to attend annual conferences at a reduced rate. Those with JALTCALL (Japan) membership are entitled to attend EUROCALL conferences at a reduced rate and vice-versa. We also have links with IALLT (International Association for Language Learning Technology (North America) and with WorldCALL whose next conference will be in 2013.

Bordeaux Conference
In closing AG passed on her special thanks to the EUROCALL 2010 organising committee led by Dominique Macaire, to the conference secretary Claudia Boursier , to the 64 members of the Programme Committee and to the 40 chair-persons and to all those attending the conference.

Acceptance of the President's Report was proposed by Thierry Chanier, seconded by Tony Fitzpatrick and passed nem con.


4. Treasurer's Report
4.1 Treasurer's Report for the period 1 st July 2009-30 th June 2010
The Treasurer, John Gillespie, presented the report and paid tribute to the help he had received from Angela Chambers and Margaret Gammell in its preparation.

He reported that, despite the recession and the current difficulties, the Association was in a stronger financial position because of substantial increases in income. Income from membership had increased to €29,215 (€24,663), income from the conference to €9,000 (€2765) and significantly, income from Cambridge University Press to €9,448 (€4,327) from profit sharing from sales of the journal. Overall, income over the year rose by €18,589.

On the expenditure side the costs of producing ReCALL rose to €12,489 (€9,133) as did staff costs €22,249 (€17,657), and travel costs €2,999 (€1,343). There was also an exceptional charge for NLRP expenses €2,864, which will be a one off. However audit costs reduced substantially to €790 (€2,934). The staffing costs were high because of payment arrears accumulated over a long period of time at Limerick. Those have now been dealt with. Expenditure had therefore increased by €10, 298 to €44, 522 (€34, 124). However that still left a surplus of €6,209 (against a deficit of €1,982 last year) and meant that we were able to increase our credit balance to €41,062 (€34, 853). Since it is our established policy to have one year's income as surplus, it is clear that we are currently well placed to return to that position after our recent difficulties.

4.2 Budget for the Period 1 July 2010-30 June 2011

The Treasurer was pleased to report that prospects for the coming financial year, given this year's good results, were positive. On the income side it was already clear from the early part of the year and the attendance at the conference that there would be an increase in membership fees, and the normal €9000 from the Bordeaux conference would be achieved. It was also considered likely that the increase in the contribution from the profits of ReCALL would be sustained. On the expenditure side, it was likely that, given salary differentials between Ireland and the UK, salary costs would fall, but that, for the next year, the changeover costs between Limerick and Ulster would mask this. All other expenditure would remain flat over the year. This should enable us to show a small surplus of €4,110 for the year.

Acceptance of the Audited Accounts was proposed by Salomi Papadima Sophocleus, seconded by Oranna Speicher and passed nem con.

Acceptance of the Budget was proposed by Nicolas Guichon, seconded by Marina Canapero, and passed nem con.


5. Reports by members of the Executive Committee
Mirjam Hauck
gave a brief report on the Special Interest Groups (for the list of groups see the President's report above), which are her particular responsibility, and outlined the meetings that would be taking place during the conference and the forthcoming CMC symposium.

Françoise Blin outlined the importance of the Research Policy Statement to the work of EUROCALL. She stressed the fact that the statement reflects the importance of the Research Agenda of the Association. The importance of publishing in key journals was underscored, particularly since RAE type exercises were becoming more widespread throughout Europe. Another key area was the development of postgraduate research students in CALL. There is a need to develop this aspect of the CALL community and to consider strategic co-tutelle arrangements. It would be a good idea, she felt, to set up a working group on postgraduate studies to consider postgraduate conferences, the Bologna process and other key areas.


6. EUROCALL Headquarters

AG outlined the process by which the Executive had sought for new Headquarters for EUROCALL. She reported on the handover meeting which took place in Limerick on 22 nd and 23 rd August at which she, Angela Chambers, Margaret Gammell, Françoise Blin and John Gillespie were present. The agreement would last from 23 rd Aug. 2010 until 22 nd Aug. 2014. In reiterating her thanks to Angela, Margaret and the University of Limerick for all that they had done for the Association she also thanked John and the University of Ulster for taking on the task and wished him all the best for the four years ahead.

The decision to relocate the Headquarters of EUROCALL to the University of Ulster was ratified, nem con.


7. Any Other Business

There was no other business.