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EUROCALL: Informe anual 2008-2009

EUROCALL: Informe anual 2008-2009 (inglés) | Acta de la Asamblea General de Socios, Gandía (Valencia, España) 11/09/2009 (inglés)

Minutes of the EUROCALL Annual General Meeting

Friday 11 September 2009
At the EUROCALL 2009 Conference
Gandia, Spain, 9-12 September 2009



Kent Andersen, Tita Beaven, Françoise Blin (Vice-President), Alex Boulton, Thierry Chanier, Suzanne Cloke, Anna Comas-Quinn, Liliana Cuesta, Graham Davies, Tony Fitzpatrick, Margaret Gammell ( Secretary), Jeannine Gerbault, John Gillespie, Ana Gimeno (President), Brisa Gómez, Nicolas Guichon, Regina Hampel, Mirjam Hauck, Sarah L Heiser, Timo Hulkko, Ton Koenraad, Sake jager, Jesús García Laborda, Bea de Los Arcos, Dominique Macaire, Teresa Morell, Marina Orsini-Jones, Elena Osinsky, Luisa Panichi, Salomi Papadima Sophocleous, Françoise Raby, Fred Riley, Celine Restrepo Zea, Bernd Rueschoff , Thomas Robb, María Sánchez Tornel, Thomas W. Santos, Mathias Schulze, Rafael Seiz Ortiz, Oranna Speicher, Anthony Stenton, Carola Strobl, June Thompson, Stephen L. Thorne, Cecilia Trevino, J. Widmann

Members were invited to cast their vote before the meeting for the one candidate nominated to take up the vacant position on the Executive Committee. The results would be announced at item 7.


1. Minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Székesfehérvár, 5 September 2008 were accepted and signed as a true record.

Proposed by: Sake Jager, seconded by: Kent Anderson and passed nem con.


2. Matters arising



3. President's Report

Dr Ana Gimeno-Sanz presented her report which included the following items:


AG informed the meeting that EUROCALL membership was currently between 200 and 250 members. She was pleased to report the successful initiation of a joint CALICO-EUROCALL membership which saw members of both Associations enjoying mutual benefits. She hoped that those attending the meeting would encourage their institutions to consider taking corporate memberships of the Association as well as library subscriptions to Re CALL . The President notified the meeting that a small increase in the membership fee would be necessary in order to meet rising costs. This would be confirmed at the 2009 AGM and implemented in the calendar year 2010.

Publications: Re CALL Journal and The EUROCALL Review

Re CALL Journal:

Edited by June Thompson and Françoise Blin, with 3 issues per year. Efforts were being made to increase listings in specialised research indices including:

The EUROCALL Review:

Now with a separate peer -reviewed section and 8 member scientific committee, the EUROCALL Review is pleased to publish peer-reviewed articles and conference papers. Regular sections include:

Presenters were being invited to submit conference papers/show & tell articles for publication in the EUROCALL Review.


The website is now being commercially hosted by the firm Titan. AG gave thanks to Fred Riley for his tireless work in maintaining and updating the website which contains the following invaluable resources:

Angela Chambers was thanked for her work in maintaining the CALL bibliography.

Virtual Strand:

This was the third year of the Virtual Strand, coordinated by Lesley Shield. AG gave thanks to LS and to Peppi Taalas and the local team in Székesfehérvár. This year's VS consisted of streamed plenary sessions by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Andrea Kárpáti and Patrik Svensson as well as the Panel discussion on “ CALL: New competences and social spaces” chaired by Phil Hubbard and Trude Heift. AG thanked all involved and reminded members that the VS would be archived and available at the exclusive members area of the EUROCALL website. LS and PT would be making a short presentation re the VS during the meeting.

National/Regional Representatives:

In welcoming the new National Representative for Turkey, Bart Bonhomie, the President highlighted the importance of regional events as a means of supporting and promoting research in CALL and recruiting new members. The NatReps meet during the annual conference and are coordinated by Peppi Taalas.


The recipient of the János Kohn Scholarship for 2009, Sylvia Maciaszczyk, was in attendance at S zékesfehérvár . This scholarship provides for one years membership and attendance at the annual conference. The President invited submissions for the annual Research Award. This valuable award includes guaranteed publication in Re CALL , attendance at the annual conference and a year's membership of EUROCALL. The closing date for submission for both the Research Award and the János Kohn Scholarship for 2010 is 31 January, 2010.

Special Interest Groups:

There were now four special interest groups currently operating within EUROCALL (Natural Language Processing, CorpusCALL, Computer Mediated Communication and the new Sig for Teacher Education), with a further SIG envisaged for Virtual Worlds. Sigs were being co-ordinated by Robert O'Dowd. The President reminded the meeting that any member of EUROCALL was welcome to join these special interest groups and that proposals for new Sigs would be welcomed.


In closing, Ana Gimeno expressed her pleasure at hosting EUROCALL 2010 in her home institution and thanked the local team for all their support. She thanked especially the members of the EUROCALL 2009 Scientific Committee for their invaluable work.

Acceptance of the President's Report was proposed by Rafael Seiz Ortiz, seconded by Thierry Chanier and passed nem con.


4 . Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer, Angela Chambers, was unable to attend the conference, and the annual accounts of the Association for the period 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009 were presented by the Secretary on her behalf. Income from membership was €24,663 with a further income of €4,327 received from CUP. The Treasurer wished to thank Zsuzsanna Angeli and her team for their work in hosting EUROCALL 2008. It was unfortunate that the large number of CALL conferences during the same period led to a greatly reduced attendance in S zékesfehérvár. This resulted in only €427 profit, which did not in any way reflect the effort and expertise of the conference organisation. Additional income consisted of €1,738, from the 2007 conference, with a further amount of €600 from Robert O'Dowd generated from the CMC workshop in León. The Treasurer was pleased to report that expenditure for the period was generally down. EUROCALL had benefited from a significant drop in the value of Sterling so that the cost of Re CALL publications was only €9,133 and not €14,600 as forecast. Travel was also lower than expected and the Treasurer wished to thank Ana Gimeno who managed to secure sponsorship to cover the mid-year meeting of the Executive Committee in Gandia. She would encourage future conference organisers to do likewise where possible. Auditor's fees were higher than forecast but this was due to a once-off charge connected with the Association's application for charitable status in Ireland. The result for the year was a deficit of €1,982. The treasurer was pleased to report that it had been possible to negotiate a reduction in auditor's fees for the coming year, which would be reflected in the 2009-2010 accounts. She had prepared her budget based on a small increase in membership fees and absolutely no unnecessary expenditure and was predicting a small surplus of €1,394.

The following increases in membership fees were proposed: Corporate: €250; Individual: €90; Online: €55 (to include student, retired and new EU member country colleagues).

Acceptance of the Audited Accounts was proposed by Oranna Speicher, seconded by Salomi Papadima Sophocleous and and passed nem con .

Acceptance of the Budget was proposed by Marina Orsini Jones, seconded by Mathias Schulze and passed nem con .

Acceptance of the increase in membership fees was proposed by Suzanne Cloke, seconded by Alex Boulton and passed nem con.


5. Reports by members of the EUROCALL Executive Committee

5. 1 Mirjam Hauck, Teacher Education SIG: MH was pleased to report that the newly established Teacher Education SIG had held its first meeting during the conference. A large attendance (47) had voted for a chairperson, Mirjam Hauck, and Secretary, Nicolas Guichon, who would establish a mailing list for ongoing contact. The new SIG was already planning a local event to be held in Lyon, in May 2010.

5.2 Graham Davies, Virtual Worlds SIG: GD advised the attendance that he had been liaising with Randall Sadler, who had set up a new CALICO virtual headquarters next door to the EUROCALL HQ in Second Life. Building on the collaboration that already exists between the two Associations, the CALICO HQ has a Resources centre, accessible by an internal teleport system, which contains a growing collection of free resources. It was proposed to establish a joint EUROCALL/CALICO Virtual Worlds SIG to share resources and to cater for the growing interest in the area of virtual worlds for language learning.

5.3 John Gillespie, Research Policy Statement : JG reminded the meeting that EUROCALL'S pioneering Research Policy Statement had been formulated 1999. Given the growing strength and development of Computer Assisted Language Learning research during that period, the EUROCALL Executive Committee decided that it was an appropriate time to revise the policy statement in order to take account of the many changes during the past ten years. JG was currently working on revising the document which would be available to members in due course for consultation and feedback.


6. Conferences

The President was pleased to announce that EUROCALL 2010 would be held in Université de Bordeaux, France from 8-11 September 2010. Conference organiser Dominique Macaire would make a short presentation on the 2010 conference during the closing ceremony. Members were invited to submit proposals to host EUROCALL 2011 and beyond. Further details available from the EUROCALL office. In closing, Ana Gimeno thanked past, present and future conference organisers, mentioning particularly Zsuzsanna Angeli who had organised the 2008 conference. She reminded delegates to complete and return the evaluation form in their conference pack as this was invaluable to future organisers.


7. Voting

7.1 Amendment to Standing Order No. 4 in order to permit electronic (email) ballot in future Executive Committee elections: This was passed by a show of hands.

7.2 Executive Committee : Votes had been cast at the start of the meeting for the one vacancy on the Executive Committee. Nicolas Guichon was the only nominee and was duly elected.


8 . Any Other Business

There was no other business.