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EUROCALL: Informe anual 2007-2008

EUROCALL: Informe anual 2007-2008 (inglés) | Acta de la Asamblea General de Socios, Székesfehérvár (Hungría) 5/09/2008 (inglés)

Minutes of the EUROCALL Annual General Meeting
Friday 5 September 2008
At the EUROCALL 2008 Conference
Székesfehérvár, Hungary 3-6 September 2008

Antonie Alm, Kent Andersen, Emerita Banados, David Barr, Therese Omberg Berglund, Françoise Blin (Vice-President), Ilse Born-Lechleitner, Linda Bradley, Suzanne Cloke, Frederik Cornillie, Graham Davies, Joseph V. Dias, Melinda Dooley, Margaret Gammell (Secretary), Jesus García Laborda, Robert Gettings, John Gillespie, Ana Gimeno (President), C. Gomic, Lisa Griggio, Nicolas Guichon, Sarah Guth, Mirjam Hauck, Francesca Helm, Rebecca Hincks, Phil Hubbard, Timo Hulkko, Kristi Jauregi, Natalya Kocheturova, Inge-Anna Koleff, Malgoizata Kurek, Florence Le Baron, John Paul Louckey, Dorota Morawska-Walasek, Douglas Moody, Antje Neuhoff, Joan O'Sullivan, James W. Pagel, Luisa Panichi, David Reedy, Celine Restrepo Zea, Randall Sadler, Kazumi Sakai, Almut Schon, Rafael Seiz Ortiz, Steffen Skowronek, Kirsten Sontgens, Oranna Speicher, Leena Subra, Monika Szirmai, Peppi Taalas, June Thompson, Sylvie Thouesny, Sylvi Vigma, C.H. Wan, J. Watson, J. Widmann, P.C. Wong, Anne Zanatta, George Ypsilandis

1. Minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Coleraine, 7 September 2007 were accepted and signed as a true record.

Proposed by: John Gillespie, seconded by: Kent Anderson and passed nem con.

2. Matters arising


3. President's Report

Dr Ana Gimeno-Sanz presented her report which included the following items:

AG informed the meeting that EUROCALL membership was currently between 200 and 250 members. She was pleased to report the successful initiation of a joint CALICO-EUROCALL membership which saw members of both Associations enjoying mutual benefits. She hoped that those attending the meeting would encourage their institutions to consider taking corporate memberships of the Association as well as library subscriptions to Re CALL . The President notified the meeting that a small increase in the membership fee would be necessary in order to meet rising costs. This would be confirmed at the 2009 AGM and implemented in the calendar year 2010.

Publications: Re CALL Journal and The EUROCALL Review

Re CALL Journal:
Edited by June Thompson and Françoise Blin, with 3 issues per year. Efforts were being made to increase listings in specialised research indices including:

  • ERIC (Education Resources Information Center - an internet-based digital library of education research and information sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education.)
  • Thompson Scientific: ISI Web of Knowledge (research platform to find, analyse and manage information in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.)
  • European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH)
  • Educational Research Abstracts (ERA)
  • Modern Language Association Database (MLA)

The EUROCALL Review:
Now with a separate peer -reviewed section and 8 member scientific committee, the EUROCALL Review is pleased to publish peer-reviewed articles and conference papers. Regular sections include:

  • Reports on EUROCALL Special Interest Groups: up-to-date information on SIG activities. Projects: reports on on-going CALL or CALL-related R&D projects in which EUROCALL members participate. Recommended websites: reports and reviews of examples of good practice in language learning website development and use.
  • Publications by EUROCALL members: reviews of new books, CALL software, etc. published or edited by members.

Presenters were being invited to submit conference papers/show & tell articles for publication in the EUROCALL Review.

The website is now being commercially hosted by the firm Titan. AG gave thanks to Fred Riley for his tireless work in maintaining and updating the website which contains the following invaluable resources:

  • Newsfeeds and Events Calendar New restricted area for members
  • Archived videos and podcasts from the conference Virtual Strand.

Angela Chambers was thanked for her work in maintaining the CALL bibliography.

Virtual Strand:
This was the third year of the Virtual Strand, coordinated by Lesley Shield. AG gave thanks to LS and to Peppi Taalas and the local team in Székesfehérvár. This year's VS consisted of streamed plenary sessions by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Andrea Kárpáti and Patrik Svensson as well as the Panel discussion on “ CALL: New competences and social spaces” chaired by Phil Hubbard and Trude Heift. AG thanked all involved and reminded members that the VS would be archived and available at the exclusive members area of the EUROCALL website. LS and PT would be making a short presentation re the VS during the meeting.

National/Regional Representatives:
In naming the 17 National/Regional Representatives, AG highlighted the important work undertaken by this group which included promoting EUROCALL through their national websites and holding regional workshops. One such workshop, with over 60 participants, was held by the CMC SIG at University of Padova , Italy , in April 2008. A full report would appear in issue No. 14 of The EUROCALL Review, due in Sept. '08. The NatReps meet during the annual conference and are coordinated by Peppi Taalas.

The recipient of the János Kohn Scholarship for 2006, Joanna Jendryczka-Wierszycka from Poznan , Poland was in attendance at S zékesfehérvár . This scholarship provides for one years membership and attendance at the annual conference. The President invited submissions for the annual Research Award. This valuable award includes guaranteed publication in Re CALL , attendance at the annual conference and a year's membership of EUROCALL. The closing date for submission for both the Research Award and the János Kohn Scholarship for 2009 is 31 January, 2009.

Special Interest Groups:
In addition to the three special interest groups currently operating within EUROCALL (Natural Language Processing, CorpusCALL and Computer Mediated Communication Sigs), it was hoped to establish a new Sig for Teacher Education and CALL during this conference. Sigs were being co-ordinated by Robert O'Dowd. The President reminded the meeting that any member of EUROCALL was welcome to join these special interest groups and that proposals for new Sigs would be welcomed.

In closing, Ana Gimeno expressed her thanks and appreciation to Zsuzsanna Angeli and the team at S zékesfehérvár for their wonderful organisation of EUROCALL 2008, and gave special mention to the 35 members of the EUROCALL 2008 Scientific Committee.

Acceptance of the President's Report was proposed by Robert Gettings, seconded by Inge-Anna Koleff and passed nem con.

4 . Treasurer's Report

As the Treasurer, Angela Chambers, was unable to attend the conference, the Secretary General, Margaret Gammell, presented the annual accounts of the Association for the period 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008 on her behalf. Income from membership was €23,210 with a further income of €2,705 received from CUP. The Treasurer wished to thank John Gillespie and confirmed having received €7,262 in conference profit from the 2007 conference. JG had advised the Treasurer that a further amount of €1,738 would be transferred to the EUROCALL account in due course, making a total profit of €9,000. This amount would be included in the budget for 2008-2009. Forecasts from CUP had predicted a surplus to EUROCALL in the region of 5000 pounds sterling for 2009. However, the reduction in membership numbers in 2008 made this unlikely and a sum of €5,000 was allocated in the budget. Expenditure for the period was generally as expected with the exception of travel which at €6,077 was higher than budgeted. This was explained by the expensive travel destinations in 2007 and 2008. EUROCALL 2009 would be held in Gandia , Spain . This was expected to be a low cost destination, and it was therefore envisaged that travel expenses would return to normal rates for 2008-09 and an amount of €4000 was included in the budget . While there was a significant deficit in the year-end accounts due to lower membership numbers the Executive Committee had agreed that EUROCALL should nevertheless continue in its endeavour to encourage and assist conference attendance through the J án os Kohn Scholarship and the Research Award. A sum of €800 had therefore been allocated to each of these. It was also felt that upgrading the website was of vital importance and an amount of €1500 was allocated to this area. The Treasurer had therefore prepared a budget based on what was a relatively tight financial situation and expected to return a small profit in the amount of €483, to be transferred to the reserve at year end.

Acceptance of the Audited Accounts was proposed by George Ypsilandis, seconded by Mirjam Hauck and passed nem con.

Acceptance of the Budget was proposed by John Gillespie, seconded by Joseph Dias and passed nem con.

5. Reports by members of the EUROCALL Executive Committee

5.1 Françoise Blin, EUROCALL Website: FB reported that EUROCALL was looking at ways of improving the website and would welcome suggestions to be sent to her or the Secretary. In the absence of a Content Management System it was intended to explore the possibilities of JISCmail for storing and accessing files. MG would be reporting to the Executive Committee in due course in this connection.

5.2 Lesley Shield and Peppi Taalas, Virtual Strand: The VS organisers were pleased to report that the VS had 106 registered participants worldwide. The discussion list was very active and the DimDim tool was working well. LS reminded those present that the VS provided an environment for both present and virtual participants and that it was envisaged to have a separate call for online participants for future conferences. LS and PT put out a call for volunteers to work with the VS team

5.3 Graham Davies, Second Life: GD reported on his participation in Second Life the 3-D virtual world where he had set up a EUROCALL headquarters. GD would be investigating the possiblities this virtual world presented to EUROCALL members and invited members to visit Second Life by going to the Edunation section of the Second Life website. A pre-conference workshop (jointly run with Lesley Shield) had offerd training to participants. GD would be seeking feedback from participants and would report his experiences in Second Life through the JISCmail discussion list. GD would welcome members' comments, feedback and ideas through the list.

6. Conferences

The President was pleased to announce that EUROCALL 2009 would be held in her own institution, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, at their Gandia campus from 9-12 September 2009. There would be a short presentation on the 2009 conference during the closing ceremony. Members were invited to submit proposals to host EUROCALL 2010 and beyond. Further details available from the EUROCALL office. In closing, Ana Gimeno thanked past, present and future conference organisers, mentioning particularly John Gillespie and David Barr who had organised the 2007 conference. Evaluation reports from the Coleraine conference had given excellent feedback. She reminded delegates to complete and return the evaluation form in their conference pack as this was invaluable to future organisers.

7. Voting

Voting took place for the following positions on the Executive Committee: President, Vice-President and three Committee Members. Results would be posted after the count.

8 . Any Other Business

There was no other business.


MG 11/06/09


Election Results:

The following members were elected to the EUROCALL Executive Committee:


President: Ana Gimeno Sanz

Vice-President: Françoise Blin


3 x Committee Members:

Graham Davies

Mirjam Hauck

Peppi Taalas

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