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EUROCALL: Informe anual 2006-2007

EUROCALL: Informe anual 2006-2007 (inglés) | Acta de la Asamblea General de Socios, Coleraine (Irlanda del Norte) 7/09/2007 (inglés)

Minutes of the EUROCALL Annual General Meeting
held on Friday 7 September 2007
at the EUROCALL 2007 Conference
Coleraine, 5-8 September 2007


Kent Andersen, Ignacio Altes, Christine Appel, David Barr, Françoise Blin (Vice-President), Dermot Campbell, Angela Chambers (Treasurer), Thierry Chanier, Graham Davies, Anthony Fitzpatrick, Brian Farrington, Margaret Gammell ( Secretary), John Gillespie, Ana Gimeno (President), Regine Hampel, Nicolas Ischi, Alfonso Isla, Sake Jager, Marie-Madeleine Kenning, Inge-Anna Koleff, Toshiko Koyama, CK Jung, Peter Liddell, Jonathon Leakey, Antje Neuhoff, Robert O'Dowd, Breffni O'Rourke, Ide O' Sullivan, Marina Orsini-Jones, Hans Paulussen, Thomas Robb, José Macario Rocha, Bernd Rüeschoff, Rafael Seiz Ortiz, Lesley Shield, Kirsten Sontgens, Grazyna Studzinska-Cavour, Peppi Taalas, Maija Tammelin, June Thompson, Sylvie Thouesny, Cornelia Tschichold, Monica Ward.

1. Minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Granada 6 September 2006, were accepted and signed as a true record.

Proposed by: Breffni O'Rourke, seconded by: David Barr and passed nem con.

2. Matters arising

Tony Fitzpatrick asked if a copy of the annual accounts was being distributed along with the Agenda and previous AGM minutes. The Treasurer replied that no copies of the accounts had been copied for distribution but would be displayed along with the budget for 07-08 during the Treasurer's Report.

3. President's Report

Dr Ana Gimeno-Sanz presented her report which included the following items:

•  Website

AG gave thanks to Fred Riley who was in the process of restructuring the website to contain a members only area. This area would become home to the resources section, including the bibliography and videos from the Virtual Strand. AG thanked Angela Chambers for her work in maintaining the bibliography and Lesley Shield and Peppi Taalas and the Coleraine team including David Barr and Keith Beckett for a very successful Virtual Strand, which had more than 200 virtual participants this year. Thanks were also expressed to Stuart Gold who supplied the Blobber tool.

•  The EUROCALL Review

Now with a peer -reviewed section. Presenters were being invited to submit conference papers/shoe & tell articles for publication in the EUROCALL Review.

•  National/Regional Representatives

This group is coordinated by Peppi Taalas. Ana Gimeno welcomed newly elected National Representatives:

•  Kent Andersen (Denmark)
•  Françoise Raby (France)
•  Nicolas Ischi (Switzerland)

and reminded the members of the important work carried out by this group, such as hosting local events and workshops, including the recent event held in Valencia .

•  Awards/Scholarships

The recipient of the 2007 Research Award would be announced at the closing ceremony. This valuable award included guaranteed publication in Re CALL , attendance at the annual conference and a year's membership of EUROCALL. The recipient of the János Kohn Scholarship for 2006, Besa Pupa, from Kosovo, was in attendance at Coleraine. This scholarship provided for one years membership and attendance at the annual conference. AG reminded delegates that the closing date for submission for both the Research Award and the János Kohn Scholarship for 2008 is 31 January, 2008.

•  Special Interest Groups

In addition to the two special interest groups currently operating within EUROCALL (Natural Language Processing Sig and the CorpusCALL Sig), a new sig for those working in Computer Mediated Communication was being set up during this conference. Any member of EUROCALL was welcome to join these special interest groups and proposals for new sigs would be welcomed.

•  Affiliations

In order to develop closer co-operation between the two Associations it had been agreed with CALICO to issue a joint-membership with a reduced rate online membership offered to members of the sister Association. Members would be issued with full details on renewal of their membership from January 2008.

In closing, Ana Gimeno expressed her thanks and appreciation to John Gillespie and the Coleraine team for organizing EUROCALL 2007. She wished Zsuzsanna Angeli every success with her preparations for EUROCALL 2008, which would be held in S zékesfehérvár, Hungary, from 3-6 September 2008. ZA would be making a short presentation on EUROCALL 2008 at the closing ceremony.

Acceptance of the President's Report was proposed by Thierry Chanier, seconded by Brian Farrington and passed nem con.

4. Treasurer's Report

4.1 Treasurer's Report for the period 1 August 2006 to 30 June 2007: Angela Chambers presented the audited accounts of the Association for the period 1 August 2006 to 30 June 2007. She explained that the financial year had been changed to facilitate the early preparation of accounts in time for presentation at the AGM. For this reason, this set of accounts comprised an 11 month period. Receipts from membership for the period were €27,330euros. This was lower than forecast and seemed to be reflective not only of the shorter financial period but an indication of a slowdown in renewals in the Corporate sector. The Treasurer congratulated the organizers of EUROCALL 2006 for their successful conference in Granada and confirmed having received a total of €7,990 from them. In addition, she was pleased to announce receipt of €7,630 from Cambridge University Press. This first return of profit from CUP meant that she would be in a position to transfer €3294 to the reserve. This was almost €3000 more than that forecast, but without which there would have been a sizeable deficit. So, while the reserve, currently standing at €23,248 was now quite reasonable, there was no room for complacency and she would be presenting a cautious budget. The Treasurer gave thanks to Margaret Gammell for her work in preparing the accounts.

Acceptance of the Audited Accounts was proposed by John Gillespie, seconded by Tony Fitzpatrick and passed nem con.

4.2 Budget for the period 1 July 2007 - 31 June 2008: The Treasurer had adopted a conservative approach to the budget and projected income and expenditure was much in keeping with returns as seen in the previous 11 month period and current membership figures. She forecast an overall profit of €2193 for 2007-08.

Acceptance of the Budget was proposed by David Barr, seconded by Maija Tammelin and passed nem con.

5. Reports by members of the EUROCALL Executive Committee

5.1 Françoise Blin, Co-Chair WorldCALL 2008: FB reported on her involvement as co-chair of the Programme Committee of WorldCall 2008, to be held in Fukuoka , Japan from 5-8 August 2008. The Call For Papers was now available and FB requested that members contact her with suggestions for possible pre-conference workshops. She encouraged members to avail of the proposed joint membership with CALICO when it became available in 2008 and advised them that consultation would be taking place in order to revise the joint policy document. It was hoped that this would be ready in time for presentation at WorldCALL 2008.

5.2 June Thompson, Editor, ReCALL Journal: JT reported on her role as Editor of Re CALL Journal. This included the myriad of tasks involved in bringing the Journal to publication. With three issues of Re CALL published per year, 2007 saw a special issue on Corpora, guest edited by Angela Chambers and a further special issue on MALL was in the pipeline for 2008, with Lesley Shield as guest editor. JT gave thanks to both her guest editors for their work on these special issues. JT advised the meeting that Graham Chesters had recently retired from his role as co-Editor of Re CALL and expressed her thanks to Fran ç oise Blin, who taken up the role. JT also gave thanks to the reviewers who gave their time and fulfilled such a valuable role. In closing, she reminded the meeting of the October 15 deadline for submitting articles for publication in Re CALL Vol. 20, to be issued in May 2008. While this was the absolute deadline, she would appreciate receiving items by September 30, if at all possible.

5.3 Graham Davies, Second Life: GD reported on his very positive experience with participation in Second Life the 3-D virtual world which was attracting many language learning communities. It had been agreed with the EUROCALL Executive Committee that EUROCALL should purchase land and set up a virtual headquarters in Second Life for an initial period of one year. GD would be investigating the possiblities this virtual world presented to EUROCALL members and invited members to visit Second Life by going to the Edunation section of the Second Life website. GD would be reporting his experiences in Second Life through the JISCmail discussion list and would welcome members' comments, feedback and ideas through the list.

6. Conferences

Members were invited to submit proposals to host EUROCALL 2009 and beyond. The deadline for submission of bids for 2009 was Nov.30, 2007. Further details available from the EUROCALL office. In closing, Ana Gimeno thanked past, present and future conference organisers, mentioning particularly Tony Harris who had organised the 2006 conference and was unavoidably absent from Coleraine. Evaluation reports from the Granada conference had given excellent feedback. She reminded delegates to complete and return the evaluation form in their conference pack as this was invaluable to future organisers.

7. Any Other Business

There was no other business.


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