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EUROCALL: Informe anual 2001-2002

Informe anual 2001/2002 (inglés) | Acta de la Asamblea General de Socios, Jyväskylä (Finlandia) 16/08/2002 (inglés)

Minutes of the EUROCALL Annual General Meeting
held on 16 August 2002 at the EUROCALL 2002 Conference
Jyväskylä, Finland


Tom Ammerlaan, Kent Andersen, Paul Bangs, David Barr, Janet Bartle, Lis Ramberg Beyer, Françoise Blin, Sabine Braun, Robert Buckmaster, Angela Chambers, Graham Chesters (Treasurer), Graham Davies, Everhard Ditters, Brian Farrington, Robert Fischer (CALICO), John Gillespie, Ana Gimeno (Vice-President), Timo Hulkko, Sake Jager, Git Jonare, Ulrike Klingemann, Marcus Knierim, Inge-Anna Koleff, Rainer Kussler, Sébastien L'haire, Antje Neuhoff, Petra Neumeier, Martine Nicollerat, M. Victoria Gonzalez Pagani (CALICO), Panayis Panayi, Stephan Pohlmann, Joan-Tomàs Pujolà, Bernd Rüschoff (President), Kazumi Sakai, José Ignacio Sánchez de Villapadierna, Elke Schmölder-Hanson, Mathias Schulze, Sharon Scinicariello (IALLT), Rafael Seiz Ortiz, Kirsten Söntgens, Maija Tammelin, June Thompson (Secretary), Julie Venner, Roel Vismans, Monica Ward, Uwe Wilhelm.

Votes were cast at the start of the meeting for the two vacant positions of President and Member of the Executive Committee. The meeting was chaired by the Vice-President for items 1 to 5.

1. Minutes
The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the University of Nijmegen on 30 August 2001 were accepted and signed as a true record. Proposer: Françoise Blin, seconder Mathias Schulze, passed nem con.

2. Matters arising
There were no matters arising.

3. President's Report
Prof Dr Bernd Rüschoff presented his report, the full text of which would appear on the EUROCALL website. He drew attention to the call for proposals to host the EUROCALL office from 2003, which was circulated to the meeting.

4. Treasurer's Report
4.1 Professor Graham Chesters, Treasurer of EUROCALL, presented the Audited Accounts showing income and expenditure for the year 1 August 2001 to 31 July 2002, together with comparative figures for the agreed Budget for the year in question. The deficit of £807, against a budgeted surplus of £1,142 was disappointing. Acceptance of the audited accounts was proposed by Paul Bangs, seconded by Lis Ramberg-Beyer and agreed nem con.
4.2 The Treasurer reported that membership figures remained static, with approximately one-third of members lost each year, counterbalancing the new members recruited at conferences. The Nijmegen conference had failed to meet the £5K target and efforts were being made to seek compensation from Nijmegen University. The organiser of the current conference in Jyväskylä was confident that the target would be met. Total budgeted receipts for the coming year were £26,400 and the Budget for 2002/2003 aimed at a very small surplus. Acceptance of the Budget was proposed by Roel Vismans, seconded by John Gillespie and agreed nem con.
4.3 The Treasurer gave notice of the intention to increase membership fees from 2004 to £40 / €68 (individual) and £100 / €170 (corporate), with a new rate of £25 / €40 for fulltime students. Acceptance of the new membership fees was proposed by Bernd Rüschoff, seconded by Ana Gimeno and agreed nem con.

5. Voting
The votes cast at the start of the meeting had been counted. Following the call for nominations for the positions of President and one Executive Committee member, two nominations had been received by the closing date: for the position of President, Bernd Rüschoff, nominated by Mathias Schulze, seconded by Kirsten Söntgens; for the position of member of the Executive Committee, Graham Davies, nominated by Cristina Perez, seconded by Luz Gil. Both candidates were duly elected, with 38 and 33 votes respectively.

6. EUROCALL Conferences
6.1 The President acknowledged the achievement of the local team in Jyväskylä, in respect of the current conference.
6.2 It was announced that EUROCALL 2003 would take place at the University of Limerick, Ireland, organised by Angela Chambers. The Call for Papers for this conference was already available.
6.3 Members were invited to submit proposals to host EUROCALL conferences in 2004 and 2005. Further details were available from the EUROCALL office.

7. Other Business
7.1 Graham Davies reminded the meeting that WorldCALL 2003 would take place in Banff, 7-10 May 2003. EUROCALL was well represented on the steering committee. He pointed out that the theme 'From the Margins' highlighted in the Call for Papers might give a false impression, and that papers not under this heading would be welcome.
7.2 The President drew attention to a study commissioned by the EC relating to the impact of technology. A survey / questionnaire was available at the conference for completion by participants.
7.3 It was confirmed that a new EUROCALL Newsletter would be provided online, and that one of its functions would be to disseminate project work.

June Thompson
Secretary, EUROCALL